Candle of the Month: Cedar

Our first Candle of the Month is our first-born; our oldest fragrance. This is the candle we use most often in our home and the candle we’ve given most often as gifts.

Two winters ago I set out to create a candle I wanted to burn in our home that I wasn’t finding in stores. Masculine and enticing, it has come to remind me of the bearded gentlemen of the Pacific Northwest, of pipe tobacco and warm cardigans in a rustic and tucked-away cabin. Warm and subtle Tahitian vanilla and ancient Myrrh are accented by heliotrope, a beautiful flower with a deep almond-like fragrance.

It was the first of many fragrances I created for our home, and while I liked the others, I didn’t love them quite like I did Cedar. It was also the one that got the most compliments. So I went back to the drawing board and ended up coming up with an idea to create three more woodland-inspired candles, made just as unique and powerful as Cedar. Used together, the four candles combined to create a wholly new and unique fragrance. Our “Aha!” moment.

We took this idea then started to work on additional collections to be used in our home, first with the nocturnal flora of our Midnight Garden Collection and then with alchemic herbs of our Solstice Collection. Eventually, with so many candles and so much interest, we decided to share our creations and hard work with everyone else.

We hope you enjoy Cedar as much as we do! Take advantage of the Candle of the Month special, only $35 for Cedar through the end of July. Shop now!